What is organic? What does it mean to me and my family? Here is an oxymoron – “conventional broccoli- a superfood!” Broccoli is full of antioxidants and components that improve your health and can help stave away disease like cancer. Chemical pesticides can cause diseases like cancer. HMMM? Conventional produce has been treated with chemical pesticides, fungicides and fertilizers. Conventional produce can also have it’s DNA rearranged by chemists-“GMO“. Now is that broccoli really broccoli?
Organic farming uses natural pesticides etc.. or no pesticides. Organic is a natural ways of growing food without the use of harmful chemicals. Organic farming is better for the soil, air, water and pollinators. In turn organic farming is better for us and our future offspring. Organic produce is much tastier and full of powerful antioxidants without being an oxymoron. Organic also means NO GMO and broccoli is really broccoli the way it was intended to be. Here’s to your health!


Why organic? Organic generally means pesticide and herbicide free. Eating
organic means there are less chemicals for your body to detox. The same chemicals that effect the nervous system of the bugs that try to eat your food. The best way to describe the reason for eating organic is to tell you about an article I had read about a hippy lady that explained it to her son. One day the son who was turning into a rebellious teenager questioned his mom about her reasons for eating organics. The moms response was to grab one of her big delicious organic apples, spray it with Raid, wipe it off and hand it to her son. The son said, there was no way he was eating that. Mom said, “Why not? That is what you eat when you eat non-organic”. What a great way to say it.
Organic also means non-GMO (genetically modified organisms). There are different reasons for GMO. One of the reasons is for the crop to be able to withstand the herbicides sprayed to kill the weeds.

If your one of the many people who want to start juicing or smoothie making, because of health problems or just a lifestyle change. Going organic is a much healthier way to do this. It helps to decrease your ingestion of chemicals in your body.
Lemon Drop Cafe offers a great way to get organic produce at a great price and you do not have to drive far to get it. It is called “The Box”. Give us a call 573-431-3733 or email us at lemondropcafe@rocketmail.com to be put on our email list to receive the menu for the box that month.

Lemon Drop Cafe is an organic food store near Farmington MO (in neighboring Park Hills MO).


Lemon Drop Cafe- Gluten free tip of the month is how to make organic popcorn for under a 50cents a bag.
Did you know that most people intolerant to gluten can eat organic popcorn? Did you know that you can pick up a bag at the Lemon Drop Cafe for under 40cents a bag?
Here is an easy, inexpensive way to microwave popcorn while hopefully avoiding popcorn lung.
#1. Stop by the Lemon Drop Cafe and pick up a bag of our organic bulk popcorn, that we will put in a paper bag for you.
#2 Take it home microwave the same as  you would normally microwave the popcorn you used to buy.
#3 When finished, cut a small slit in corner of bag and shake. This allows all of those tooth breaking, cheese stealing kernals to fall out.
#4. Pour out into bowl and top how you like. When adding cheese, put back in microwave for about 10 sec. or oven on 350degrees for about 5 min. Oh, Yeah. If you put in oven make sure it is in a oven safe container.

Wala! -Yummy organic popcorn. Who says organic has to be expensive!

Our popcorn is non-GMO, pesticide free and delicious!



This is a blog about autism and how our food and environment have a very real and immediate effect on people with autism.

Hello, I have a severly autistic son, who was in diapers at age 16, blind and can not speak. Until age 16 we just accepted the way he was. Went to psychs; who gave him anti-psychotic drugs. These drugs made him more anxious and even more self-injurious; to the point that, one day while in the hardware store he slapped his face so hard and fast that it was purple. On the way out of the store he bit the back of his hand to rip the skin off. Yes, it sounded like clothes ripping. We got him to the car held him down for over 15 minutes with his helmet on. This was the beginning of the end, of all of these antipsych drugs. I knew for sure that none of the crap was working. The drugs were possibly making him crazy to when he lost control; it was so much harder to control him and get him to understand not to hurt himself.
I finally made a huge decision that changed all of our lives and was going to hopefully change them in a positive direction.
We started taking him off of his anti-psych drugs a bit at a time. We began charting his whole day – what he ate, drank, all activities, his actions, reactions and bathroom breaks. We used an egg timer to get him used to using the restroom. For exercise- we had him take a 1/4 mile walk 1-3 times a day.
We started a gluten free and casein free diet. Gluten being a protein found in rye, barley and wheat, but, also an additive in certain processed foods. Casein is a protein in milk. These proteins can have a very real and dramatic effect on certain people with intolerances and allergies. These proteins can cause a body to experience- behavior problems, bowel problems, skin rashes unexplained aches and pains, hyperglycemic symptoms and can lead to other problems. In our case behavior and digestive disorders were the issue.
Going gluten free can be very easily messed up. It is alot of homework and alot of work. One can not just go out to eat wherever they want. If a person does not understand what they are reading on a label it is very easy to mistakingly eat something with gluten or even casein in it. It is also easy to misread a label. Example – a certain cookie says wheat free not gluten free. A person can easily read over the not- believe me!
Gluten and casein is not the only issue; when it comes to some autistic people. SOY! My personal saying is “soy is a bad boy” Maybe it is the GMO, but what I do know – this culprit can make a person do things(very disgusting) most people would never dream of doing. After taking this out of his diet we seen a huge behavior change within a week, but it took about 3 months for the change to be a definate.
After the soy we started looking at chemicals and processed food and oils. We had already taken away the chlorinated water he only got bottled or reverse osmosis filtered water. We went a bit farther. It seemed everytime he would take a bath he would have a melt-down either during or after, so we got a dechlorinator for the whole house.
We started him on organics. This is also very hard and can be expensive, but the changes we seen were pretty dramatic. When he would get  a conventional fruit or vegetable he would be mean &  have melt-downs. When he got the organic ones he was not. Believe me – a grape is not a grape when it is not organic.
We also started HBOT or hyperbaric chamber therapy; which, I believe helped us to get him off the drugs.
We also started regular chiropractic visits in Bonne Terre that helped with the self-abusiveness. I watched him go into the Dr. – anxious, biting on his arm or slapping & banging his head. After the Dr. would work on him this behavior stopped; almost immediately and it would not start back for at least 24 hours, sometimes more. I have seen miracles with chiropractic. The more we went the longer his abusive behavior would be alleviated.
We have finally gotten him off all of his anti-psych drugs and treat him with chiropractic care, organic vitamins, fish oil, natural sleep medicine, a pharm. sleep med, a cellular detoxifyer, a mild ADD med & a pharmaceutical food called Deplen. Which is a form of folic acid. The form that our body uses.
It has been almost 4 years. Our son is still autistic, but his skin is intact and when he does have a melt-down it usually does not last as long as it had in the past, he is easier to reason with, the disgusting behaviors have been pretty much alleviated and 95% of the time he has no potty accidents.

Oh, and yesterday he sat on the floor for a half an hour trying to learn to tie his shoe; after I had showed him. I would ask if he needed help and he would sign -” no”, while still trying himself.


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