Lemon Drop Café is a small health food store and café to go; serving organic smoothies and herbal bone broth made from grass fed beef bones. We deal in gluten free and organic produce, groceries, drinks, snacks, granola, nuts, smoothie mixes, dry berries and powders. We also have supplements, hypoallergenic bees wax candles, nitrate free meats, bacon,kielbasa, grass fed beef; even organic hot dogs. Lemon Drop Café also, accepts orders for gluten free or Paleo mini muffins, jumbo muffins, cookies and bars. Minimum order is a dozen with a 24 hour notice.

Organic is the most healthy, best tasting way to juice! When you juice you are detoxing; so why add more toxins?  We carry the best tasting organic produce you will ever eat. Order your organic produce boxes or crates of apples etc… every two weeks to once a month, depending on weather and demand.

To receive the menu for the box just email - Laura@lemondropcafe.com

We also carry Mo. grass fed beef; in store. Our beef is grass fed from beginning to end; no antibiotic or hormones. This beef is available at the Lemon Drop. We can take your order for  a 1/4, side and or whole beef at the Lemon Drop. Pick up your healthy, yummy grass fed beef here at the Lemon Drop Cafe.

Lemon Drop Café – The Parkland’s Home of the Organic Produce Box and Mo.Grass Fed Beef!

We accept credit or debit over the phone. We also accept EBT, checks and cash.

Eat your organic fruits and veggies everyday.