What is organic? What does it mean to me and my family? Here is an oxymoron – “conventional broccoli- a superfood!” Broccoli is full of antioxidants and components that improve your health and can help stave away disease like cancer. Chemical pesticides can cause diseases like cancer. HMMM? Conventional produce has been treated with chemical pesticides, fungicides and fertilizers. Conventional produce can also have it’s DNA rearranged by chemists-“GMO“. Now is that broccoli really broccoli?
Organic farming uses natural pesticides etc.. or no pesticides. Organic is a natural ways of growing food without the use of harmful chemicals. Organic farming is better for the soil, air, water and pollinators. In turn organic farming is better for us and our future offspring. Organic produce is much tastier and full of powerful antioxidants without being an oxymoron. Organic also means NO GMO and broccoli is really broccoli the way it was intended to be. Here’s to your health!


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